Beatriz Ildefonso, A21

Beatriz Ildefonso, a 2021 Construction Management Major from the CSU Pueblo Online program through the Extended Studies office, embodies resilience and determination. Born in Michoacán, Mexico, Beatriz immigrated to Colorado upon marrying and devoted herself entirely to her family. As a wife, mother of three young adults, and grandmother, her life was full, but her aspirations remained unfulfilled. Grateful for her family, she never lost sight of her dream to continue her education.

Beatriz’s journey back to academia was challenging. Married at a young age, she couldn’t complete her high school education. Once her youngest child started school full-time, she seized the opportunity to return to her studies. Balancing two jobs and family responsibilities, Beatriz’s path was far from easy. Yet, with unwavering effort and dedication, she became the first in her family to graduate from university. A highlight of her academic career was being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success, a testament to her hard work and determination.

To new and future students, especially mothers who might feel that their early marriage and family responsibilities hinder their goals, Beatriz offers heartfelt advice: “Do not let yourself be defeated; you will always find obstacles along the way that will make you doubt your strength to achieve your goals. Within you, you will find the strength and courage to overcome obstacles. It’s not easy, no one said it is, but with constancy, dedication, and perseverance, everything is possible.”

For Beatriz, CSU Pueblo provided the ideal environment to realize her ambitions. She praises the institution for its excellent facilities and highly qualified faculty, which support students in their various specializations. The university not only facilitated her academic success but also served as a bridge to future employment opportunities.

Today, Beatriz works in her husband’s company, Jose Ildefonso Construction, overseeing both administrative and field operations. This role has given her valuable experience across different areas of construction, preparing her for her ultimate goal: owning her own construction company.

Beatriz Ildefonso’s story is one of inspiration, showing that with perseverance and support, it’s never too late to achieve one’s dreams. Her journey underscores the importance of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of education against all odds.

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