Demetrius Marrow, A19

Demetrius Marrow is a 2019 alumnus from the Department of Sociology. During his time at CSU Pueblo, Demetrius embarked on a transformative journey that continues to shape his career and personal outlook. One of the standout moments for Demetrius was his study abroad experience with the Chicano Studies program in Todo Santos, Mexico. Reflecting on this experience, he shares, “This had to have been one of the best experiences in my entire life (so far 😉). This experience gave me a new perspective on life, the world, culture, and friendship.”

Demetrius credits his education in sociology for providing him with a profound understanding of society and his role within it. His career path has led him through roles in higher education and nonprofit operations, culminating in his current position at Angels of America’s Fallen, where he focuses on nonprofit finance and administration.

For current students and recent graduates, Demetrius offers valuable advice:

“Go to the extreme and indulge in your passions. This is how you truly find passions and interest in life.”

His involvement in various student organizations and leadership roles at CSU Pueblo, from the Associated Student’s Government and Greek Life Organizations, laid the foundation for his service-oriented career.

Since graduating, Demetrius has been actively involved in initiatives supporting military and veteran families across the country. He emphasizes his commitment to giving back, particularly to those who have served, reflecting his own military background and family ties.

Demetrius remains deeply connected to the Thunderwolf community, actively mentoring and supporting current students. “I am a firm believer in giving back to those that invested so much into me,” he says. His interactions with CSU Pueblo interns and student leaders in the community reinforce his dedication to nurturing the next generation of Thunderwolves.

Demetrius Marrow’s journey from CSU Pueblo to his impactful career is a testament to the transformative power of education and community. His commitment to service and passion for making a difference continue to inspire and uplift those around him.


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