Justin & Ashley Novosel, A11

Justin and Ashley Novosel, dedicated educators in Pueblo School District 60 and 70 respectively, are shining examples of the impact of a Colorado State University Pueblo (CSU Pueblo) education. Their experiences at CSU Pueblo have not only shaped their careers but also instilled in them a passion for lifelong learning and community engagement.

Memorable Experience and Impact on Career:

One memorable experience for Justin and Ashley was their adventure with the Outdoor Pursuits Program, where they explored Moab, UT, sparking a lasting appetite for adventure. This experience has not only enriched their personal lives but has also influenced their approach to education, infusing creativity and exploration into their teaching methodologies. This appetite has continued, as they have visited 48/50 states.

Preparation for Current Role and Career Path:

Their education at CSU Pueblo, particularly the teacher education program, provided them with foundational insights into the field of education. Justin credits Dr. George Dallam’s rigorous classes for preparing him for his master’s program, setting a strong academic foundation for their careers as educators in Pueblo.

Proud Initiatives and Projects:

Justin and Ashley have been actively involved in initiatives that contribute to the community’s well-being. They both played key roles in the Pueblo Active Community Environments, focusing on pedestrian projects and promoting healthy lifestyles. Justin’s work as a local Physical Education teacher includes writing grants to enhance Park View Elementary, such as securing a Safe Routes to School Grant in collaboration with the City of Pueblo.

Advice to Current Students and Recent Graduates:

“Be realistic about your finances. The degree program you’ve selected indicates your career salary and opportunities. Therefore, look at a field you’re going into prior to making your decision,” advises Justin.

Staying Connected to the Thunderwolf Community:

Justin and Ashley stay connected to the Thunderwolf community by leveraging their relationships with previous professors as valuable resources in their current roles. They actively promote CSU Pueblo events, such as EXHPR events, and provide opportunities for their students to engage with the university through sporting events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Justin and Ashley Novosel exemplify the Thunderwolf spirit by embodying the values of education, community engagement, and lifelong learning instilled by CSU Pueblo. Their dedication to making a positive impact in Pueblo and beyond is a testament to the transformative power of a CSU Pueblo education.


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