Kimberly Hinkle, A09

Kimberly Hinkle, a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University Pueblo’s Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation (EXHPR) program, has carved an inspiring path in her professional journey. Her commitment to community service, instilled during her time at CSU Pueblo, has become the cornerstone of her impactful career and personal growth.

Reflecting on her time at CSU Pueblo, Kimberly fondly recalls her participation in community service projects through the university’s outreach programs. Engaging directly with the local community became a transformative experience, fostering compassion and respect. Volunteering with Colorado Blue Sky Enterprises, where she facilitated therapeutic recreational therapy activities, stands out as one of her favorite and most impactful experiences. This hands-on engagement left a lasting impression, shaping her passion for community service and advocacy, values she carries into her professional role today.

As the Outreach Coordinator at Property Craft, Kimberly highlights the invaluable preparation her education provided for her current role. Armed with a BS in Recreation from CSU Pueblo and an MA in Leadership from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, she possesses a comprehensive skill set in leadership, project management, and community engagement. Kimberly emphasizes the significance of her education in creating a business plan and the importance of business marketing courses, essential to her role as an Outreach Coordinator. Her responsibilities include connecting with individuals and organizations, understanding their needs, and providing support through Property Craft’s services while embodying core values of compassion, respect, advocacy, foundation, and technique.

Kimberly maintains a strong connection to the Thunderwolf community as a Thunder Gal member and season ticket holder for various sports teams. Actively participating as a volunteer table lead for the Annual Etiquette Dinner, she remains engaged with her alma mater, contributing to our pack.

What advice would you give to a current student and recent graduate?

If you are a current student or a recent graduate, remember that embracing new experiences can lead to a world of opportunities. Say yes to opportunities that come your way, be it volunteering, joining student organizations, or participating in community projects. These experiences can enrich your academic journey, develop your soft skills, and help you build a network of professional contacts. Remember, your education is not just limited to the classroom but also about positively impacting the world around you. Take charge of your future and make the most out of all the opportunities that come your way. Join a club or off-campus organization. I still work closely with some people I met at CSU Pueblo and could not have imagined how my life would be different without them.


What have you been up to since graduating?

Post-graduation, Kimberly has actively contributed to initiatives she holds dear. Serving as the President of the Junior League of Pueblo, she led projects enhancing the lives of families and children. Notable among these was the “For 4 Fun” program, promoting fitness and healthy eating habits among children in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo. Recognitions as a recipient of the Latino Chamber of Commerce 40 under 40 awards and as an Outstanding Woman by the Pueblo Library District in 2016 mark significant milestones in her journey.

Kimberly Hinkle’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of education, community service, and a commitment to personal growth, leaving an indelible mark on both her career and the lives of those she serves.

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